WAO's Mission, Objectives & Goals

WAO School District #2176

Mission Statement

Warren-Alvarado-Oslo Schools wish to provide an opportunity for all to succeed through the development of character, self-motivation, integrity, and empowerment in their own education. These four areas will, in turn, produce well-rounded individuals who are ready for the world their lives will impact.


A.    Participation in Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular activities by all

B.    Student Learning Tool Accessibility

C.    Teacher Learning Tool Accessibility in their classrooms

D.   Life skill training as a core value offered over the PreK-12 system

E.    Core and academic subjects viewed as a strength


* We believe our schools will provide the safest possible environment for all.

* We believe that standardized testing, while important, is but one factor of a school’s greatness.

* We believe that high participation in school activities create a stronger child and student body.

* We believe that when assistance is needed, we will make every attempt to aid the individual student.

* We believe that the needs of the many, or the one, can be met.


1. To provide a PreK-12 safe learning environment

2. To provide a wide variety of PreK-12 life skill and academic learning opportunities

3. To provide all students assistance in preparation for the rest of their lives


a)     Early identification and intervention of mental health, social, and academic needs

b)    PreK-12 life skill training (Character Education, Personal Finance, Hygiene, Social Skills, Ethics, Self Care)

c)     Prepare students for the real world after graduation.